A Bit Perverted....Maybe.
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TVD Meme; five otps [5/5]
“I meant what I said about my feelings for you. And I’d like to think that you feel something for me too. I need you to trust me. I want you to trust me, just like I’m trusting you.”

writing this here because this rant was too long for the tags but, i ship them so much. i am trolling the internet for fic of them AND THERE IS NONE! WTF FANDOM? WHERE IS ALL THE KALIJAH SMUT? or fic in general. mostly i am rereading lit_chick08’s stuff over and over, which even though it’s older and it sometimes doesn’t fit with canon is still THE BEST.

I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS. and i just want to read about the two of them having all the sex. and also like their whole life together before 4x18. how she contacted him and HOW THAT EVEN WENT. no but seriously. he has spent 500 years chasing her, possibly killed her entire family, chased her across time and space (you watch us run). wrong fandom, but chased her across continents and centuries. the last time they interacted he locked her in a tomb for klaus to find. she orchestrated him getting daggered, did everything in her power to keep him that way. (i have my own reasons for wanting katerina to pay.) besides those stolen moments in 1492 we have only ever seen animosity between them, but then she contacts him and HOW DOES THAT EVEN GO?

"let’s work together. we can be of mutual use to each other." and then what? AND THEN WHAT? do they move in together? where do they live? how do they live? "let’s work together. move in with me?" "let’s work together. i’m crashing at your place?" i’m imagining them sipping blood bags together and sharing a bathroom and AT WHAT POINT DO THEY START SLEEPING TOGETHER? are they traveling across the country together? colorado and new york and new orleans, sharing hotel rooms and beds, and how does that even go? do they masquerade as a married couple checking into super fancy hotels? do they eat the bellboys? can this be the eating people and having sex part of their relationship?

how do they even interact together? we’ve never seen katherine so vulnerable as when she’s with him. she let’s herself be vulnerable with him in a way we’ve never really seen. but that didn’t just happen! she’s spent 500 years running from him. terrified of him. (thank you for having the good sense to be frightened.) how did they get to the place they are now? how does she talk to him. because she’s playing him. at first at least. and what does that look like? from what we’ve seen of kat her default mode is almost always seductress, especially when she wants something, which she does. but there’s so many different ways to do this. we’ve seen her do this different ways with mason and the salvatores. and it’s her armor. it’s how she protects herself. and in some ways her armor is on more than ever with elijah. his presence alone makes her feel vulnerable, and she HATES IT. hates that he makes he feel weak, vulnerable, like the girl who died so long ago, like katerina. and i think she fights so hard against that. puts up so many walls. but he breaks them away slowly, chips away at her armor one day at a time. and are they playing each other? they must both me so guarded. unwilling to admit how completely in love with the other person they are. or at least how much they want them, at least at first. so we’re back to the walls. (do you have a robe?) are we back to that? it seems almost childish now. and the games she plays with elijah are so much different then the ones she plays with the salvatores. they have to be. BUT WHAT ARE THEY? what was their relationship and WHERE IS ALL THE FIC. i am so infinitely curious.

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SAVING KATHERINE (a Kalijah Spin-off) - After diverting Esther’s plan to kill him and his siblings, Elijah leaves Mystic Falls. He tries to start a new life as a doctor at Toronto’s Hope Zion Hospital, hoping to make up for the terrible things he has done. All is well on his path to redemption until a ghost from his vampire past haunts him. 

"I must say, Elijah… you look VERY handsome in scrubs."

Katherine smiles her cat-ate-the-canary smile, her eye twinkling mischievously.

"Don’t you want to show me around? Give me a tour of the hospital?Maybe you can show me the on-call room later."